Exterior roof/Roof Covering
Flashing & Roof Penetration
Attic Framing & Insulation and Evidence of Water Penetration
Attic Ventilation & Moisture Barriers
Interior & Exterior Walls
Ceilings & Floors
Windows, Window Screens, Glazing/ Glass and Doors
Burglar Bars/Locks and Operation
Stairs/Balusters /Handrails
Heating & Cooling Equipment
Ducts & Venting
Whirlpool Bathtubs
Appliances & Hot Water Heater
Fireplace/Flue/Chimney Cap/ Damper Operation &
Presence of Damper Stop Device on Gas Assisted
units/Presence if Fire-proof Hearth & Fire-stop Protection in
the Attic
Plumbing & Plumbing Fixtures/Visible Drain System & Vent
Electrical System & Components including GFCI protection
and AFCI protection
Safety Hazards
Gas Leak Testing at the Exposed Connections of the
Appliances, Gas Meter & Fireplace
Carbon Monoxide Test of the Gas Heater
Driveway & Fence

The following services are available from contact sources and can
be scheduled in conjunction with the structural & mechanical
inspection performed by Woodway Inspection Services, PLLC. Call
for further details.

Burglar Alarm Testing
Swimming Pools
Leak Detection -- Plumbing Drain Lines
Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Report
Mold & Environmental Testing
Ron Wood
Professional Real Estate Inspector
State of Texas License #7350
(713) 542-6565
Inspection of newly constructed homes
and one-year warranty inspections of
new homes has become a large portion
of our business and continues to grow
each month.
Effective January 2002, the newly
adopted IRC 2000 building code
became law throughout the state of
Texas. The new code was adopted to
insure uniform building guidelines for all
residential construction in Texas. The
new code contains several structural,
mechanical and energy conservation
changes that some builders and
subcontractors may not be aware of.
Therefore, we highly recommend that
prior to closing; the newly constructed
house you are buying is thoroughly
inspected by an independent licensed
professional real estate inspector. We
feel the best time to inspect the house is
just prior to the buyer’s walk-through.
The structural and mechanical systems
should be complete at this time with the
gas, water and electricity on for a
complete inspection of the structural
components and the mechanical
systems of your new home.
If you have already closed on your house,
and did not have it inspected, it is highly
recommended that you have the house
professionally inspected before the
builders one-year warranty expires.

             New & Existing Home Inspections
                                           Pre-Market Inspections